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May 26, 2020
You can enjoy a “Crazy Camp Week” at home!

Campers that have attended our KidVenture Summer Camp know how much fun our camp theme weeks are!   Each week we offer a different theme with fun activities to match the theme of that week.  Last summer we offered a “Crazy Week”!  Campers enjoyed fun daily activities such as; Crazy Sock Day, Crazy Hat Day, Crazy Hair Day and more!  We found some fun ways for you to have your own “Crazy Week” right at home!  We hope to see you all soon!!!  Click any of the links below to have some CRAZY FUN!!!!

CRAZY SOCKS ( actually Leg Warmers )






May 18, 2020
Create your own “Arcade” games at home!

Branchburg Sports Complex has one of the coolest arcades around!  Offering over 40 different sports and adventure themed games to enjoy.  Our arcade is full of fun and exciting prizes!  Guests can win points by playing games and then trading those points in for awesome rewards! We have found some pretty cool ways for you to enjoy arcade games while at home.

LIVING ROOM SKEE-BALL ~  Supplies needed; a shoe box (or a box of similar size),  A cereal box, 3 laundry baskets, tape, plastic balls (tennis balls will work as well) and paper.


1) Cut off the top and front side of your box. Once the base of your ramp is ready, deconstruct the cereal box until you have made it into one flat piece of cardboard to create the ramp. Fashion the ramp onto the base and tape.

2) Label two of the baskets with the desired amount of points for each shot (50 and 100 points were used in this example). The last basket will house the balls for an easier clean up.

3) You are all set! Get your teams together and start having fun! This game is sure to get the whole family together. Even if you do not have all of the materials listed, feel free to improvise and use things you already have around the house. Get creative!  Click here to check out a cool video of “Living Room Skee-Ball”


NIGHTTIME BOWLING ~  At BSC our Lane Master Bowling Game is a guest favorite! You can make your own bowling game that lights up and everything!  Supplies Needed: 10 or more glow sticks, 10 clear plastic empty water bottles (16–20 fl. oz. in size works best), a small- to medium-size ball (bigger than a baseball, smaller than a soccer ball) and water.


1) Assemble the pins:  Fill all the bottles with water. Then crack your glow sticks and drop them in. Screw on the lids and you’re done.

2) Set up your bowling lane: Line up your pins in the classic triangle formation. You can use more glow sticks to create a bowling lane if you want to take it to the next level.


Use a ball that’s heavy enough to knock over the pins. Or use less water in the bottles so they will tip over more easily.

Be mindful of where you’re rolling.

You can put some reflective tape on the ball to make it easier to find. CHECK IT OUT!


BASKETBALL  ~  Catch and shoot with Hoop Fever Basketball!  We found a great way for you to make your own version of this popular game at home!  Supplies Needed:  A box, tape, one sock and paper.


1) “Making the Hoop”:  Cut the bottom and side flaps leaving one flap out.  Hang that flap on the door and then close the door.

2)  Point Lines:  Using the tape mark three lines, distanced from the basket with point markers.

3) Sock/Ball: Take the sock, make a “sock ball” by rolling and tucking inside.

Click here to see a great video of how to make “Backdoor Basketball” and to do the Hot Shot Challenge



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